Import users to Joomla from Excel or CSV file is a quite regular task in website development, but unfortunately Joomla doesn't provide with such tool by default. That's why we need to use third party extension to do user import, for example like this one: Import users to Joomla from Excel or CSV file.


Installation is a simple and doesn't cause any difficulties. After installation you will find in "Components" menu, sub-menu called "Excel / CSV users Import - UkrSolution" After clicking on this menu you will see next page:

Step1 - upload excel or csv file

So, Import process is splitted on 4 steps:

  1. Upload Excel or CSV file
  2. Choosing needed Settings
  3. Preview of imported data
  4. Import process

Step 1

Right now we are at the first step and we need to upload Excel or CSV file by clicking on "Select file" button. After file uploading you will see one of next requests (depends which file format you use - Excel or csv)

If you uploaded excel file:

If your excel file has a few sheets (like Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3) you will be asked to select which sheet contains users, and then import extension will work only with this sheet.

Step1 - Excel, select active sheet

If you uploaded CSV file:

You need to select separator for this file. Usually it is semicolon ; (if you use MS Excel) or comma , (for LibreOffice/OpenOffiice) but in theory can be any symbol.

Step2 - CSV, select separator

And we are on Step 2

Step2 - Set settings & match columns

On this step we need set up next settings:

  1. Row from which users starts in file. For example, if first line is just a head and contains names of columns e.g. "Username", "Email","Password" you need to select 2nd row.
  2. Group where new users should be created. If you importing customers or clients who shouldn't have access to the admin panel just select "Registered" group.
  3. Select option what you need - import only new users or update existing users, also you can do both operations.
  4. Advanced mode - if you want to see setting like: Email notifications, Contacts settings, Password type - just click on this link.
  5. And most important - you need to match file's columns to the joomla fields using sandwiches "sandwiche" in each column.

When everything is ready, click on "Next" button.

Step 3

Step3 - Import users preview

This step will show you which users will be created or updated (1,2 tabs). Also users which have errors and won't be imported are in 3rd tab.

When progress bar is achieved 100% and everything is ok, just click on "Next" button to start import process.

Step 4

Step 4 - Import users process

Done. Now you can find all imported users in Joomla Users menu. If you selected option "User email notification" (on step 2 - Advanced mode), emails already has been sent to users.

You can download this extension and watch video tutorial here: Import users to Joomla from Excel or CSV file.

Thank you for you time.

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