Export Community Builder Users to Excel/CSV file
Filter & Download users with any Community Builder custom fields

  • Allows to export any user data fields into Excel or CSV file.
  • Export any data from Community Builder component like address, phone or birthday.
  • Find and Filter users by any criteria before exporting them.
This component can export users from:
  • Joomla: Id, Name, Username, Password, Email, Params, Block, Send Email, Register Date, User Groups, etc.
  • Joomla Fields: any custom field created with Joomla User Fields feature.
  • CommunityBuilder component. Any fields created in CommunityBuilder, like Skype, Social Security Number, etc.
into Excel or CSV file.

The main features of "Export Community Builder Users" product are:

  • Export users who belong to a specific group(s).
  • Select only specific fields(e.g. Name, Email and Register Date) to be exported. All fields are exported by default.
  • Order / sort columns' sequence in exported file (just drug and drop columns).
  • Export users into Excel or CSV file.
  • "Profiles" feature designed to save your time. If you need to export users all the time, select preferred settings/filters and click "Save Profile" button. Later on you can download file by a single click on needed profile in "Download Profiles" tab. You can create as much profiles as needed.
  • Custom CSV separator. CSV file data separated with ";" symbol. You can change this symbol to any other - click "Options" button.
  • Grant / limit access to export component. You can permit some group(s) (e.g. Editor group) to use "export users" component. To do it, just use "Options" button, then go to "Permissions" tab.
  • Advanced Joomla Filters. For example, you can export users who were registered last month. Just click “Add Filters” button to begin filtering by Joomla fields.
  • NEW*: Download Personal Data - each user can download his personal data in CSV/Excel format. You can specify fields, fields' order, etc. that user will see in downloaded file. Check more details in FAQ section.
  • Export up to 100 000 users per file with Business and Premium versions.
Buying our export extension, you will also get:
  • Free updates for 3 months, notifications of new features, fixes & updates.
  • 3 months support via Email, Skype or TeamViewer.
  • Unfortunately it is not possible to export plain passwords. Joomla store passwords in encrypted way using special cryptographic algorithms, so even Joomla doesn’t know them. But encrypted passwords can be used to move users from one Joomla to another.
    Notice: Joomla 1.5 and 3.x use different cryptographic algorithms, so they are incompatible.
  • CSV - Comma Separated Value is a very simple and lite file format.

    As you know MS Excel supports a lot of features like text colors, cell styles, inserting charts and images, etc... CSV format is a very simple and can contain only text data. For example if you create Excel sheet and write "yellow" text, CSV format will save only text but information about color will be lost.

  • Please follow next steps:

    1. You need to create Profile. A profile - it's saved template with selected export settings. You can use it to download users later by clicking on Profile name in "Download Profiles" tab.

    2. Afterwards please go to "Website Profile(s) Share" and select User Groups and/or Users that should be able to download the Profile. And click "Save" button.

    3. Go to Menus. Create new menu and select its type using "Menu Item Type" field. Popup with menu types will appear, click on "Export Users ..." and then on "Download Profiles". Then "Save" menu. Go to frontend, login under user that should have access to it and download users.

  • Please follow next steps:

    1. You need to create Profile. A profile - it's saved template with selected export settings.

    2. Go to Menus. Create a new menu and select its type using "Menu Item Type" field. Popup with menu types will appear, click on "Export Users ..." and then on "Download Personal Data". Then "Save" menu. Go to frontend, login under any user and download file.

  • Unfortunately Auto updater is not available for this extension.
    To get the latest version of import you need:
    1. Go to our website: www.UkrSolution.com
    2. Login and go to "My Products" menu.
    3. Here you will find all your extensions and can download them.

  • You need to send email to us and provide us with details:

    1. How to reproduce bug
    2. Screenshots of bug
    3. Best way to describe the problem is to create video (you can use software like Jing)

    If you subscribed to support, you can count on fast update (1-2 work days)

  • If you need some additional features, there are 2 ways:

    1. Send us email about new feature, and we will try to implement it in next version. As we receiving a lot of suggestions some of them can be rejected.
    2. We can create special release for you, in a short time, with all improvements you need for separate payment. Please contact us to know more about it.
  • Contact form on our web-site: https://www.ukrsolution.com/ContactUs

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Joomla versions:

1.6 1.7 2.5 3 4 5
Version: 3.4.15
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