Product search & barcode reader for Wordpress
Lite POS system to manage inventory and orders in WooCommerce

This WooCommerce plugin allows you to manage your inventory and orders in more efficient way. You can search products by product name/ID/SKU/EAN/UPC or by scanning barcodes.

If you use barcodes sanner use "Scan" mode for automatic product search right after barcode is scanned. If you prefer to find produtcs by typing in search field then select "Enter" mode.

Plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

Main features of barcode scanner

  • Find products by scanning product barcodes
  • Decrease product quantity by scanning barcode
  • Increase product quantity by scanning barcode
  • Scan barcode and change price for the product
  • Open product page by scanning barcode
  • Create new products
  • Find orders by scanning barcodes
  • Review & edit basic product information
  • Review order information
  • Create new orders by scanning product barcodes
  • Supports all types of barcode scanners

By default plugin allows to do search by Product ID, SKU, Name, however you can specify any other custom field (like GTIN, UPC, EAN, MPN, etc) by which search should be done.

Barcode scanners support

This plugin supports most of "hand gun" barcode scanners available on the market. So, if you already have one, there is 99.99% chance that it will work properly with the plugin.

If you still deciding which scanner to use we would recommend:
Wired: NETUM USB Barcode Scanner
Wireless: Tera Wireless Barcode Scanner
With QRCodes support: 2D Tera Barcode Scanner

Some barcode scanners require installation of vendor's software/drivers. So, make sure you installed them.

To check scanner you can use a simple method:
1. Connect your scanner to PC/Laptop
2. Open any text editor (notepad, notes, MS Word)
3. Try to scan barcode

If numbers/text appears in the text editor - congratulations, your scanner works properly.

Compatibility with plugins

Barcode scanner supports some 3rd party plugins (without any additional configuration). It means that product custom fields (like GTIN, EAN, MPN, etc) which were created by 3rd party plugins also will be used in search by barcode scanner. If there is no support of your plugin you can always contact us, and we will be glad to add support of it.

Supported plugins:

  • EAN for WooCommerce
  • Product GTIN (EAN, UPC, ISBN) for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce UPC, EAN, and ISBN
  • WePOS
  • Germanized for WooCommerce

Possible use cases

1. Quick search of item
If you have to search for products/orders regularly and you type id/sku/name manually - you may increase your productivity by using barcode scanner.
You will need to scan product/order barcode and it will be found as fast as possible without any additional interaction with keyboard.

2. Point of Sale
You can use barcode scanner as a POS system to create orders in offline stores.
You simply scan products which your customer wants to buy, and you will see prices for each item along with total order price.

3. Restocking items
If you received a new products from your vendor, you can use "auto actions" to increase products quantity in WooCommerce simply by scanning items.
Product quantity will be increased each time you scan a barcode.

Your use case may be different, however barcode scanning & quick search is always helpful tool and can be adopted to any business process.
  • Plugin supports any barcode scanners. There are no specific requirements to scaner devices.

  • Plugin supports any types of barcodes which are supported by your scanning device.

  • You need to specify custom field name in "search fields" settings, which are located below search field. Make sure you entered a correct custom field from a database. Please ask your developer to get a proper custom field name from a database.


Barcode Scanner 1 Barcode Scanner 2 Barcode Scanner 3 Barcode Scanner 4
Version: 1.1.2
WordPress up to: 5.8.x
WooCommerce up to: 6.1.x
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payment security

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