Import Users to Community Builder from Excel/CSV
Migrate users with Community Builder data, any custom fields are supported

  • Allows to import new and update existing users from Excel or CSV file
  • Supports any custom fields from Community Builder like address, phone or birthday
  • Sends "Welcome" emails with credentials to imported users
This component can import or migrate users from Excel / CSV file into:
  • Joomla. Supported fields: Id, Name, Username, Password, Email, Params, Register Date and Group(s).
  • NEW*: Joomla 3.7 Fields. You can create them using standard Joomla Fields feature.
  • Community Builder component. Any fields created in CommunityBuilder, like Shipping Address, Skype, Social Security Number, etc.

Each imported user created as a standard Joomla and CommunityBuilder user. It means that nothing is changed in user management for admin.
Please check the main features on video or screenshots below to see CommunityBuilder Import in action.

The main features of "Import Users into Community Builder" product are:

  • Add/create only new users, update existing users or do both simultaneously.
  • Password type option. You can specify type of password in your file: plain (non-encrypted) and Joomla encrypted.
  • User password auto-generation. Our "Import" will generate passwords automatically for new users if your file doesn't contain passwords.
  • Send "Welcome" email to new imported users. You can notify newly imported users and send them their logins/passwords. This is useful when Community Builder User Import generates passwords automatically.
  • Profiles feature. Do you intend to import users often ? - Just specify import settings and save them into Profile. Later you can begin to import by single click at a needed Profile. You can create as many Profiles as you wish (e.g. for different file formats).
  • Manage access to "Import Users" component. Would you like to grant / limit access to this product for certain users groups ? - "Permissions" settings will come useful.
  • High-loaded version. Base version of import is designed for importing up to 5 000 users and optimized version - for huge files up to 100 000 users.
  • Columns order, in file, is not important.
  • Block non-existent users in excel/csv. Each user who is the member of group(s) (which you specify before start importing) and not mentioned in Excel/CSV file can be blocked.
  • K2 Users support. If you have installed K2 component, then all users will be also imported into K2 Users.
  • Import multiple dropdown values. To import several values, please make sure that these values are in next format - "qwe|*|asd|*|zxc" (this format is required by Community Builder).
  • Schedule import (using Cron) feature. This is helpful when there is a need to import every hour/day/etc.
  • NEW*: Email Report that can be downloaded after import is complete. This feature is useful if you enabled email notifications to new or existing users. So that you can download email report and see if all emails were sent.
Buying Community Builder import, you will also get:
  • 3 months support via Email, Skype or TeamViewer. And free updates included for this time period.
  • Notifications of new features and fixes.
  • “Welcome” mails are disabled by default, but you can enable them in advanced settings on Step 2. You can even create your own message and send login/password.

  • Yes, our import supports all characters from UTF-8, for example: Ü, ß, É, 字
    But your file should be in UTF-8

  • Don't match (using sandwich) the password column on step 2. The import will create password column automatically on step 3

  • You need to do next steps:
    1. You need to click on "Switch to Advanced mode".
    2. Then you need to check "Notify newly added users".
    3. At message dialog click "Tools" then click "Source code"
    4 In "Source code" editor you can use HTML to customize your email the way you need.

  • 1. Your file should contain column where Groups are separated by comma, e.g. "Editor, Manager, Administrator". So that one user can have any amount of Groups.
    2. On "Step 2 (Settings)" match the column with "Groups" field. Please note that you no longer need to use "Joomla group:" dropbox.

  • Fortunately, there is such possibility.
    Joomla has "Require Password Reset" option and when it's enabled user will be required to change his password on the first/next login.
    To enable this you will need to have column in excel/csv file with values "Yes" (to require password reset) and "No" to not require it. And match this column with Joomla "Require Password Reset" field.

  • Fast way to fix this issue is to change settings in Joomla administrator panel. Please go to: System -> Global Configuration -> Server and change "Error Reporting" field to "None" value. If it don’t help - please contact us and provide us with ticket number.

  • Unfortunately Auto updater is not available for this extension.
    To get the latest version of import you need:
    1. Go to our website:
    2. Login and go to "My Products" menu.
    3. Here you will find all your extensions and can download them.

  • To find out the reason why some users can’t be imported - you just need to hover your mouse over the user in tab “Won’t be imported”.

  • Our extension is using standard Joomla functions to send emails, so actually we don't have much control on this process. Import extensions just gives email to Joomla and if Joomla's and Server's mail configurations are correct - email will be sent to inbox.

    So if users don't receive emails the problem might be in:

    1. Incorrect Joomla email configuration - ask your developer to check it out.
    2. Problems with mail service on the server - ask your system administrator to check it out.
    3. Some emails comes to spam/junk folder - ask user to check these folders too.
  • Our extension is using standard Joomla functions to send emails, so actually we don't have much control on this process.

    This issue is based on a few factors, which can be fixed/changed by server administrator and domain owner.

    1. Correct mail server configuration
    2. Server's IP might be black listed, you can check it here:
    3. You can use DKIM, SPF, DMARC to make your domains valid for mass mailing
    4. Keep valid reverse DNS records for the IP address(es).
  • Maximum file upload size is a global PHP setting (called upload_max_filesize), you need to increase this value. Most hosting providers allows to change this setting in your Hosting Control Panel. Also you can ask your system administrator or developer to change it.

  • To import Profile Picture of users you need to:
    • 1. Copy and paste pictures to "images/comprofile" folder.
    • 2. For each Profile Picture you need to have 2 pictures - first one is original and second one is thumbnail. This is requirement by Community Builder.
      Original image can have any name, but thumbnail must contain "tn" prefix. For example, original image called "avatar-234.jpg" then thumbnail should be "tnavatar-234.jpg"
    • 3. On Step 2 of Import please match Community Builder picture field with column of CSV/Excel file.
  • You need to send email to us and provide us with details:

    1. How to reproduce bug
    2. Screenshots of bug
    3. Best way to describe the problem is to create video (you can use software like Jing)

    If you subscribed to support, you can count on fast update (1-2 work days)

  • Our extension doesn't support joomla's auto updater.

    You need to login on our web-site and download last version:
    My Account -> My Products -> Select your product -> Download button
    After it you need to remove old version from your joomla and install a new one.

  • If you need some additional fetures, there are 2 ways:

    1. Send us email about new feature, and we will try to implement it in next version. As we receiving a lot of suggestions some of them can be rejected.
    2. We can create special release for you, in a short time, with all improvements you need for separate payment. Please contact us to know more about it.
  • Format should be "yyyy-mm-dd" in your csv/excel file, because this format is required by Community Builder.

  • Contact form on our web-site:


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