Generate or import UPC/EAN (GTIN, GS1) codes
Assign UPC/EAN codes for your WooCommerce products

  • Generate free EAN/UPC codes for internal use
  • Import real/purchased EAN and UPC codes from Excel/CSV file
  • Imported codes can be used by Amazon, Google, eBay, Walmart and other marketplaces

This plugin was designed to achieve 2 major purposes:

  1. To assign codes for all your existing products automatically.
    So, you don't have to open each WooCommerce product and add the UPC/EAN code manually.
  2. To assign codes for newly created products.
    So, when you create a new product - the UPC or EAN code will be added to the product automatically.

This plugin allows you to use both types of the EAN/UPC codes:

  • Free EAN/UPC codes (for internal use)
  • Real/purchased EAN/UPC codes

Note: If you don't know the difference between free and paid EAN/UPC codes, please check out this article.

Difference between free and paid codes:

From legal point of view the free EAN/UPC codes can be used only internally (inside your company/website).

If you want to use the EAN/UPC codes publicly or use them for the marketplaces (like Amazon, Google, Walmart, eBay, etc. ) then you will need to purchase the real EAN/UPC codes.

Our company do not sell EAN/UPC codes (we are web-development company) but there are plenty of EAN/UPC sellers online with quite fair prices.

After purchase you become the owner of the UPC/EAN codes and legally nobody else can use them except you.

Usually seller provides you with the spreadsheet file (Excel or CSV) with the list of EAN/UPC codes and certificate which says that you are the real owner.

The purchased spreadsheet file later can be used by this plugin for assigning codes to the WooCommerce products.

Supported plugins/product fields:

Our plugin can assign codes to the various of product fields and has integration with the next plugins:

  • "Barcode" field - created by default by this plugin
  • "SKU" field - WooCommerce
  • "EAN" field - "EAN for WooCommerce"
  • 'EAN" field - "Product GTIN (EAN, UPC, ISBN) for WooCommerce"
  • "GTIN" field - "WooCommerce UPC, EAN, and ISBN"
  • "Barcode" field - "wePOS - Point Of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce"
  • "GTIN" field - "Germanized for WooCommerce"
  • "MPN" field - "Germanized for WooCommerce"
  • "Barcode" field - "PayPal Zettle POS"
  • "Supplier's SKU" field - "ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce"
  • "Barcode" field - "ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce"
  • Custom field (any custom field with a meta name)


  • No, it generates free codes for internal use. If you need the real codes you will have to purchase them from online sellers. After purchase you can import spreadsheet file with codes using our plugin.
  • If first file doesn't have enough codes anymore, simply purchase the second file and upload it. Plugin will use codes from second file as soon as codes from first is fully used.
  • Technically it is possible but it will not be legal. We are company based in EU and we follow the laws, that is why we do not allow plugin to generate real codes for free.
  • Please contact us and describe the feature you need. We will discuss it with our web-developers and will get back to you with the answer.

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Existing products tab Save UPC/EAN codes in one of these fields New products tab Upload Excel or CSV file with real/purchased EAN/UPC codes Product with Generated EAN code
Version: 2.0.1
WordPress up to: 6.5.x
WooCommerce up to: 9.1.x
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payment security

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