In the most cases we are signing NDA with our clients, so we can't list all our works here.

Microsoft Outlook add-ons

Description: Book a meeting in Outlook®, easily search for available rooms and resources, order catering and other services, integrate with digital meeting room displays. For Microsoft Outlook®, Exchange and Office 365.
Technologies: Joomla, PHP, MySQL, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, SEO optimization

Retail store of luxury gifts from Europe and home decor

Description: 1001Shops it is multidomain fast growing retail store which serves thousands clients per day.
Technologies: PHP, jQuery, Google Shopping API, Amazon MWS API, Sphinx, PayPal/Braintree, Bootstrap (back-end)

Domestic company

Description: Domco is a domestic company established in London. Provides services in Gardening, Cleaning, Rubbish Disposal and Property Maintenance.
Technologies: PHP, Joomla, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap

Leading provider of system profiles

Description: TS-ALU.de is the leading provider of system profiles for the construction of conservatories.
Technologies: PHP, Joomla, K2, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap
Created in cooperation with  

Real estate booking service in Itally

Description: Sard.de is leading German real estate booking service for holidays in Italy
Technologies: PHP, Joomla, K2, MySQL, jQuery
Created in cooperation with  

SULU app is a nightlife guide that lets you know where to party

Description: App shows current venue details for bars in your city.
Technologies: PHP, WordPress, MongoDB, IOS Development, Parse.com

Capital markets research company

Description: IRFFM.de is Germany's leading independent capital markets research company.
Technologies: PHP, Joomla, MySQL, jQuery
Created in cooperation with  

Manufacturer of conveyor belts, lubricants and fuels

Description: Innovative products from MATO determine the progress in the maintenance of conveyor belts and in the handling of lubricants and fuels.
Technologies: PHP, Joomla, K2, MySQL, jQuery
Created in cooperation with  

German Bike store

Description: Cucuma is well known bikes brand in Germany and one of the biggest bikes stores.
Technologies: PHP, Joomla, MySQL, jQuery
Created in cooperation with  

SPA Services

Description: Green Leaf Medi Spa specializes in an extensive range of products and procedures designed to revive your skin's health therapeutically.
Technologies: PHP, jQuery, Google Maps, based on custom framework.

Order food from local restaurants

Description: Order food online with delivery
Technologies: PHP, Wordpress, jQuery, CCS3/HTML5, Google API

Bid and Give Auction

Description: This site is Auction/E-store which is supporting People Living with Kidney Disease. All profit comes to "The Kidney Foundation of Canada" organization.
Technologies: PHP, Wordpress, jQuery, CCS3/HTML5, WooCommerce, Google API, Google Maps.

For capital markets research

Description: This software is analogue of Bloomberg Terminal but it is optimized for special requirements like creation and generation PDF or WS Word documents for the final client.
Technologies: Java EE, ExtJS, jQuery, Bloomberg API

Manufacturer of LED lamps

Description: Luxstream is a manufacturer of innovative and high-quality LED lamps which reduce the impact on the environment.
Technologies: PHP, Joomla, MySQL, jQuery, Mootools
Created in cooperation with  

"Sun in the house" project

Description: Portal for conservatories, patio roofs and accessories
Technologies: PHP, TYPO3, MySQL, jQuery
Created in cooperation with  

Concerts & Events & Tickets online

Description: Booking tickets for concerts and events online
Technologies: PHP, Joomla, MySQL, jQuery
Created in cooperation with  

Leading manufacturers of sheets, tubes etc..

Description: GEHR is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of semi-finished thermoplastics, primarily in rods, sheets and precision tubes.
Technologies: PHP, Joomla, K2, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS
Created in cooperation with  

Financial planning

Description: FPSB is an association that manages, develops and operates certification, education and related programs for financial planning organizations.
Technologies: PHP, Joomla, JoomlSocial, K2, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap
Created in cooperation with  

Lugaro is a premier jewellery & watch company

Description: Lugaro shop has one of the largest selection of Rolex watches, plus an extensive selection of other fine watches
Technologies: Magento, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML/CSS

Buy To America

Description: BuyToAmerica is freight forwarding company dedicated to meet the needs of international customers, expatriates living oversees, and the families of American immigrants.
Technologies: PHP, Kohana, MySQL, jQuery, UPS/FedEx/DHL/USPS APIs, Smarty

JVN Systems offers audio-visual solutions.

Description: JVN Systems is a leading provider of audio-visual solutions to Corporate and Academic clients.
Technologies: WordPress, PHP/MySQL, jQuery, HTML/CSS; SEO

Medical waste disposal services

Description: This company provides medical waste disposal services
Technologies: WordPress, PHP/MySQL, jQuery, HTML/CSS; SEO

Architectural interiors

Description: LWG makes it our business to understand our client’s corporate shifts, in depth and provide the solutions your project commands.
Technologies: WordPress, PHP/MySQL, jQuery, HTML/CSS

Online Marketing, Certified Google Partners

Description: Dagency provides online marketing services and chanels to promote your product/service.
Technologies: WordPress, PHP/MySQL, jQuery, HTML/CSS, Custom Template development


Description: It is services are underpinned by our own 100GigE secure, super-fast Network, flexible and resilient Cloud and Voice infrastructure and world-class Managed IT Services.
Technologies: Joomla, PHP, jQuery

Targi Kielce SA

Description: The most dynamically developing trade fair company in recent years in Poland.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Bootstarp, JQuery
Created in cooperation with  

Natalie Wagner

Description: Website-Portfolio for professional photographer
Technologies: WordPress, PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery
Created in cooperation with  

Zinc - Ordering Food

Description: Ordering food online with delivery
Technologies: Codeigniter, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS

Assocyate Software

Description: Assocyate is a software solution for professional associations, unions, advocacy groups and other membership organizations that empowers the delivery of exceptional service to members and key stakeholders.
Technologies: Joomla, jQuery, PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS

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