Redmine Time Tracker - Desktop client
Logs spent time on tasks and sends it to your Redmine.

  • Tracks time for Redmine issues and logs time on Redmine.
  • Quickly switch between different projects and issues.
  • Works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
This Redmine Time Tracker app allows you to track time for each Redmine issue you are working on.
It helps to count spent time on issues and send this data to Redmine via API. So, if you already record time in Redmine manually, you might found this software very handy as it will be doing it automatically!


  • 2 Modes of work
    1. Auto mode (by default) - tracks time and sends it automatically to redmine by specified interval (by default each 5 minutes). So, you can be sure that all time is tracked and logged on Redmine in real time.
    2. Manual mode - tracks time and stores it locally until you decide to send it to Redmine. This mode gives you more control as it allows you to check and modify (increase/decrease) tracked time before sending it to Redmine.
  • 2 Project dashboards
    1. “Assigned to me” dashboard displays only projects with issues assigned to you, also shows how much issues are assigned and their priority. Very useful dashboard to see scope of work for you personally.
    2. “All projects” dashboard displays all projects with a counter of total opened issues per each project. Very useful dashboard to monitor and to work on issues to which you are not assigned.
  • Search & Filter - search projects/issues by keywords or id and filter results by wide range of filters, e.g. issue status, assignee, priority, version, project, etc.
  • Auto stop - app automatically stops time tracking while you are away from your PC/Laptop and no mouse/keyboard activity is detected during a specified interval (by default 10 minutes).
  • Reminder Popup - reminds you to start time tracking after coffee break, lunch or any other interruption from work.
  • Issue status - change issue status right in this app to keep manager & co-workers updated.
  • Offline mode - if you’re working on some task and the internet connection disappears – app will continue tracking time and once internet connection is back – time can be sent to Redmine.

Installation instructions:

1. Install app.
2. Make sure that API is enabled in your Redmine (Administration -> Settings -> API)
3. Start time tracking.

Write in comments below or contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

  • In order to send time to redmine app needs to know link to your Redmine where issues are beeing created.
  • Plase Enable REST web service in Redmine settings. You can do it in Administration -> Settings -> API
  • Depends on your workflow we are suggestions 2 mods of work:

    • Auto mode - app will be sending time automatically each 5 minutes. This interval is specified in settings, so change it to a value you need.
      As a trigger to send time also will be next actions:

      1. 1. You stopped time tracking.
      2. 2. You changed issue, activity or comment.
      3. 3. You signed out or closed application.

    • Manual mode - Allows to have full control over time sending process, so time will be send to Redmine only by your request. This mode also allows to edit time before sending it.
  • Application works in offline mode (without internet), as soon as internet connection is restored - time data will be send to Redmine. If you kill application (as process), tracked time will be saved locally and after you run it again - time will be sent to redmine anyway.
  • Grant access for "Redmine Time Tracker" applications in:
    System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Accessibility

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Mac OS
Linux (deb)
Current version 0.5.28


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