Redmine Time Tracking - Desktop Client
Log time for your issues automatically, it will make "Spent Time" more accurate

  • Tracks time for Redmine issues automatically and logs time on Redmine.
  • Quickly switch between different projects and issues.
  • Works on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
This free Redmine Time Tracker (Desktop Client) allows you to track time for each Redmine issue you are working on.
It helps to count spent time on issues and send this data to Redmine via API. So, if you already record time in Redmine using "Spent Time" field, you might found this software very handy as it will be doing it automatically!


  • Projects list. Shows list of projects where issues assigned to you. If there is some urgent task then this Project will be at the top of the list. Need to see all Projects you are involved in? – Click “See all Projects” checkbox.
  • Issues Filter. After selecting Project, you can select task you’d like to work on. By default you see tasks assigned only to you. To track time for task assigned to someone else use “Filter” button. You can filter issues inside Project by Assignee, Status, Tracker and Priority.
  • Automatic sending of tracked time to Redmine. Tracked time is sent to Redmine each 15 minutes. Would like to change it to “per 5 minutes”? - Use “Settings”.
  • Offline mode. If you’re working on some issue and internet disappeared – our program will continue logging time and once internet is back – it’ll send time to Redmine.
  • Favorite issues. If you work on a few tasks from different Projects and you need quick way to switch between them - mark tasks as “Favorite” (click yellow “star” icon) and they will be saved in “Favorite issues” project at the top of Projects list. Then go to “Favorite issues” project and switch between issues in a single click.
  • Automatically stops tracking time after you leave computer. Our application stops tracking time automatically when there’s been no mouse or keyboard activity for 15 minutes. You can change Inactivity Timeout in Settings.
  • Issue Time Statistics. View how much time you’ve tracked Today per task and Total time. Compare Total time to Estimated time - this might be useful in cases you have specific amount of time for task.
  • Reminder. Forgot to start time tracking after going to lunch? - No worries, automatic popup will remind you :)


1. Redmine Time Tracker requires Java 8 or later installed on your PC/Mac. Download Java here:
2. Run Time Tracker by double click or run it via command line with command: java -jar "PATH_TO_FILE.jar"
In some cases double click may not work (see FAQ).
3. Important: Enable REST web service in Redmine settings (Administration -> Settings -> API)

If you have any issues with running it - see FAQ below or contact us.

Supported versions of Redmine: 2.x, 3.x, 4.x

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

  • You can download Java by this link:
    Linux users may install Java JDK from repository (preferable)
  • Applications needs a link to your instance of Redmine where you used to login and work on issues.
    Don't forget to specify http:// or https:// before website name.
  • 1. First you need to check if Java is properly installed, use next command to check it via terminal: java -version
    If you see output like this one:

    java version "1.8.0_161"
    Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_161-b12)
    Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.161-b12, mixed mode)

    Then Java is properly installed.

    2. If java installed correctly try to run tracker via command line: java -jar "PATH_TO_TRACKER.jar"
    If tracker strated sucesfully you just need to link file extension to program (java) in file settings (it can be done for any OS).
  • Some versions of Linux (problem was found on Ubuntu 16.04) don't have installed openjfx library by default.
    You can install it by running command: sudo apt-get install openjfx
  • Plase Enable REST web service in Redmine settings. You can do it in Administration -> Settings -> API
  • Counter beside project name means amount of issues assigned to you.
    If counter has red color it means that you have one or more high priority issues.
  • Yes, that's right. Red timer means that you don't work anymore and shows how much time you don't work.
    This data only for self control and won't be send to Redmine.
  • If you using windows - yes you can. But linux users should be careful with this optoion and first should check if system tray works properly and they can start/stop time via system tray context menu.
    On some Linux OS (Kubuntu 16.04 due to Java/KDE bug) this option lead to problems with "maximization" of window.
    In any case you can test it and if you can't "maximize" window via system tray - kill application, start it again and disable this option.
  • To avoid creation of hundreds time records in redmine database, time tracker accumulates time while you work and send time to Redmine (via API) after next your actions:
    • - "Stop" button has been pressed.
    • - You changed issue, activity or comment.
    • - You signed out or closed application.
    • - Each 15 minutes. You can change this time period in Settings.
  • Application works in offline mode (without internet), as soon as internet connection is restored - time data will be send to Redmine. If you kill application (as process), tracked time will be saved locally and after you run it again - time will be sent to redmine anyway.
  • Grant access for "Terminal" and "Redmine Time Tracker" applications in:
    System Preferences: Security & Privacy->Privacy->Accessibility

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Current version 0.1.0


Redmine Time Tracker screenshot 1 Redmine Time Tracker screenshot 2 Redmine Time Tracker screenshot  3

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